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New thinking and innovation are urgently needed in business to regain trust from customers and stakeholders. MadeVision's purpose is to support, visualize and communicate your innovation.

At MadeVision we believe in collaboration and strong stakeholder relations on eye-level as key for success. Therefore our work aims to call attention and awaken the creativity in each individual.

At MadeVision, we enjoy enriching the working process with our clients with a network of creative partners and friends from different backgrounds, be it artists, musicians, writers, or philosophers.

Thinking out of the box with fresh external ideas has proven to result in innovative communication solutions − and a lot of fun.

Let's invite your stakeholders to innovate with you!

We cover the whole range of audio-visual media products and participative digital communication campaigns in social media.

Film Production
It is our passion to explore our own questioning and thinking in documentary film, as it is one of the best tools to convey a topic or a person's approach of new thinking in depth.

Event Design
The third channel of communication that we strongly believe in are personal experiences and group development formats for which we create customized event concepts with meaning and impact.

From Business To Being

Regie: Hanna Henigin & Julian Wildgruber

Social Design

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ZDF Küstenwache

Regie: Julian Wildgruber & Till Dechent


July 27th 2016

Social Design Tour

The Social Design Tour is a communication experiment by Daniel Falk, Julian Wildgruber, Marcus Adam, Fabian Schaller and Christopher Riley. Together with the Hans Sauer Foundation and the Impact HUB Munich the film production companies MadeVision and Eyetrip co-created a roadtrip through Europe to visit the most intresting social design projects and experts and make them visible.

Social Design is a design practice that goes beyond a purely technical or consumer-oriented design of products and services. Social Design creates social added value by becoming an advocate of social concerns that either the state or the market do not serve adequately or at all.

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Our Munich office is the perfect location for people and brands looking for new communication channels and the LOHA (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) target group. The Impact HUB Munich is a lively and cutting edge community, orientated on a social, ecological and sustainable society and economy. The perfect space for experiments in communication. MadeVision cooperates worldwide with HUB Members and provides an ongoing interdisciplinary and fresh view on the social ecological economy. The markets of the future.

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